Energy Audtis

Euditi is a leader in the field of energy audits. Euditi's founders, have been involved in the development of energy audit legislation both in Greece and the European Union, since 1994. In parallel they were also involved in the study of certification methods for building energy behaviour.

Energy Rating Certification

The Energy Rating Certificate, evaluates the «energy performance» of a building, specifically the efficiency of energy consumption while ensuring ideal conditions for habitation: temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting and function (e.g. operation of electrical equipment).

According to new regulations (in effect from the 10th of  January 2011), Energy Rating Certificates are compulsory for the purchase or sale of all buildings over 50 sq. m. and must must be issued by accredited energy inspectors.

From the 9th of January 2012, Energy Rating Certificates, issued by accredited energy inspectors, will also be compulsory for new real estate rentals.

Accredited Inspectors

All Euditi energy audits are conducted by accredited energy inspectors with EU-wide experience in the energy efficiency of buildings 

Their scientific knowledge and experience are an additional guarantee to the client. Euditi energy inspectors provide a fast, direct and discrete audit service and provide continuous technical support to the client.


The new highly sophisticated technical equipment used by Euditi during the energy audit process, provides highly accurate and complete data set results.



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