Highly energy and environmentally efficient buildings

Euditi conducts complete Renewable Energy Source designs, in collaboration with architects, to achieve highly aesthetic buildings that ensure optimum comfort and usability conditions, while minimising the consumption of natural resources (materials, water and energy).

Design Goals

  • Energy autonomy of the building, or to at least minimize the buildings energy requirements, at the lowest possible cost
  • Enlist the building into category A of the Energy Rating scale according to the new regulations
  • High environmental efficiency (while minimizing the use of natural resources)
  • Waste and water management according to local area capabilities

Technical Support for Engineers

Euditi provides technical support for engineers involved in the design of highly energy and environmentally efficient buildings by:

  • Studying the insolation of the building, creating the shadow masks of the views and designing the necessary sunlight protection while ensuring natural lighting of the space
  • Choosing the optimum energy & environmental efficiency design, based on techno-economic criteria
  • Choosing techniques of energy efficiency, depending on the shape and position of the plot, climatic conditions, surrounding buildings and the natural and built environment
  • Optimizing the design to ensure thermal and visual comfort levels and interior air quality during a calendar year, with the least possible consumption of conventional energy sources
  • Conducting the study to classify the building in the Energy Rating scale according to KENAK regulations

Value Add Services

Euditi also:

  • Conducts design, requirement capture and total thermal efficiency studies for solar heating systems and natural ventilation techniques
  • Studies the appropriate selection and use of renewable energy source systems (e.g. Photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems for heating and cooling, geothermal pumps e.t.c.)
  • Estimates energy efficiency and optimization of the design, based on technical and financial criteria and restrictions placed by the owner or the engineer

Open Spaces

When it comes to open spaces, Euditi:

  • Offers consulting services for the bioclimatic design of open spaces
  • Considers the current conditions as well as the improvement of comfort levels of the design using appropriate s/w codes and measurements from specialized equipment



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