Photovoltaic Systems

Euditi has completed or is in the process of completing a total of 115 p/v projects with a combined power rating of over 145MW. Euditi has the experience and know-how to swiftly undertake even the most demanding projects and to offer complete services for all types of photovoltaic stations:

  • Small or large stations connected to the Grid
  • Stations embedded in building facilties
  • Autonomous electricty generation stations

Euditi's service offerings cover the full spectrum of p/v investment management:

Techno-economic Study

In collaboration with the investor, Euditi choses the appropriate geographic location and position for the installation of the Photovoltaic Systems, in order to maximize the perfromance of the investment. Euditi presents to the investor the complete techno-economic study of  the project with full technical details and cash flows, proving the investment viability.

Financing & Insuring

Having worked with large credit institutions in Greece and abroad, Euditi has the capability to recommend, to its clients, the most attractive financing solution for their project. Euditi can also submit financing applications, on behalf of the client, saving them valuable time. In addition Euditi can recommend tailored insurance plans that protect both the physical installation and the income of the investment.


For the manufacturing and installation of the projects, Euditi collaborates with a world leading, certified manufacturing house of photovoltaic systems.

Technical Inspections, Quality Inspections & Due Diligence

Euditi conducts checks to ensure the adequacy of the license and also the technical completeness of the station. Throughout the construction phase, Euditi's experienced personnel ensure all safety requirements and quality standards are met, adding value to the client's investment. The project is completed with a final technical performance inspection, based on the techno-economic study, ensuring delivery to the investor.

Monitoring, operation & maintenance

After final delivery of the project, Euditi is in the position to offer, after agreement, a broad range of support services:

  • Monitoring the performance of the investment, through the deployment of advanced telemetry systems
  • Immediate intervention, in case of failure or malfunction, and restoration to normal operation
  • Proactive, preventative technical checks and maintenance, ensuring maximum station performance



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